Chef Watch Featuring Graeme Cheevers of Unalome, Glasgow

Chef Watch

Featuring Glasgow’s Latest Michelin Star Holder

Graeme Cheevers

Unalome, Glasgow


How long have you been a chef?

I’ve been a chef for 19 years now, it is all I have ever done or wanted to do from a young age.

Why did you become a chef?

I suppose it was just something installed in me, I found it natural. I wasn’t the most academic person and liked using my hands and just developed a passion for it. I also wasn’t from any sort of food or hospitality background but loved the environment and making people happy through food.

Favourite ingredient

My favourite ingredient has to be XXL scallops from Orkney, expensive and luxury but worth every penny and the sweetness is second to none!

Favourite or signature dish

I don’t have a signature dish really, but I suppose it’s the scallop dish from the menu just now.

Roasted Orkney Scallops with Cauliflower, Smoked Mussel and Finger Lime Sauce.

Favourite kitchen tool or equipment (apart from sharp knives)

I love using a Japanese Konro Grill it’s a type of small barbecue that burns hot and imparts great flavour into anything that goes on there from meat to vegetables. The possibilities are endless. I first discovered this in New York in 2012 and I have been using the same one I brought back ever since.

Food hero(es)

Keith Floyd and Rick Stein for their great TV shows and inspiring the next generation of chefs and, of course, Marco Pierre White for his extreme kitchen attitude and raw talent.

Any food you can’t/won’t eat

I love all food but I’ve not tasted every ingredient out there. I would try anything once……or twice just to be sure.

Comfort food/guilty secret

I love good Asian style food like Cantonese, Thai and sushi -  those are my comfort foods.

Guilty secret - I enjoy fried chicken every now and then.

If I’m going out to eat, and I can’t get a table at your place, where should I go?

If you’re in Glasgow you should try The Gannet, Ka Pao or Crabshakk.

Stupidest customer or kitchen experience

No comment (ha ha).


UNALOME by Graeme Cheevers opened in Glasgow’s Finnieston in June 2021, winning a Michelin star (only the second in the city) within eight months. Unalome is a Buddhist symbol representing the path to enlightenment along with the twists and turns of life along the way. Graeme reckons that it encapsulates his culinary journey from his home town of Glasgow, via Singapore and New York back to Scotland. He’s not new to Michelin, having had spells (and stars) as head chef at Martin Wishart Loch Lomond and the five star, luxury Isle of Eriska Hotel.



Congratulations to Steven Mitchell of The Buffalo Farm. This week his Scottish Buffalo Mozzarella won Best New Product at the Scottish Specialty Food Show. Steven was featured in The Food Producers column in February. Find out more about this amazing business here.

More News

This week I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the annual lunch of The Masterchefs of Great Britain. An amazing event, which I'll write about next week. The news part is that I found myself at the next table to Chef Graeme and got a chance to say hello. Lovely man.






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    Edinburgh and Kinross keeping The Scottish Apron Flying in MasterChef this week.

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      Absolutely. Not sure how far the Edinburgh lawyer will go, but the Kinross lady looks very comfortable.

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