About Us

Welcome to Tom’s Food! the new and improved website of prize winning food writer and sometime licensing lawyer, Tom Johnston. Welcome back to established readers, and a warm hello to new ones. I hope you enjoy the content. More importantly, I hope you will interact with me. This page is a quick guide to what you can expect to find.

Tom Eats!

This will remain the same as before, with restaurant reviews most Fridays. At the outset we have brought over only the last year's worth of reviews. Places are flagged by Location, Type and Score. You can search using any combination of these. For more information, refer to the Using the Search Facility article on the On The Side page.

Tom Cooks!

More of the same, with weekly recipes and tips.  At present only 2019 recipes have been brought over - more soon. The page has been improved by the addition of a search facility. It is free text search, which means you can look for individual ingredients. But be warned: it has its idiosyncracies. Read the search guide referred to in the last paragraph

On The Side

This is a brand new column. To some extent it will be what you make it. It’s a blank canvas and I’m open to suggestions on how to fill it. Ideas include news and opinion on food, ingredients and restaurants. It may include features on chefs and food producers and, with luck, will contain much trivia to divert and amuse you. To be published most Wednesdays

Contact Us

Contact is a two way process. If you have news or ideas for me, whether about restaurants you think I should review, recipes or just news, please get in touch using the form you will find in the Contact Section, or in the Comments boxes at the end of reviews and recipes.