Law Society Actively Seeking Changes to New Licensing Bill

As a member of the Law Society of Scotland Licensing Sub Committee, I am actively involved in seeking amendments to the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill. The main (but by no means all) of the concerns are the important matters which have yet again been ignored by the Government,, despite having been flagged since the bill which led to the 2005 Act was published. The transfer system is a complete mess: there is much ambiguity over a licence “ceasing to have effect”, with no protection for a landlord where the tenant holds the licence, and the failure to address the lack of a “site-only” provisional licence is unsatisfactory. It is hoped that as many organisations as possible will voice their concerns over these important omissions. There are also major implications for the work of licensing boards and their clerks, not least in the preparation of annual “accounts”. The Bill itself can be found in Useful Links Section. For more details of the Bill’s progress, see

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